Welcome to We Are Sumatra

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Hi! We are Agung and Charlie, a couple who live and travel in Sumatra (and occasionally further afield!) 

We adore animals, nature, music, and sunshine,and love exploring the natural bounties of this wonderland.

We launched We are Sumatra because we think it is one of the
most underrated areas of Indonesia. 

There’s very little information about travelling here; we want to bring Sumatra into the limelight and help the intrepid travellers who want to explore this mindblowing part of the world.

If you're looking for epic destination guides, travel tips and advice, inspiring stores, photos, videos and more, you've come to the right place. We ADORE Sumatra and want to share it with you!

Carly's Story

I’m an ex-zookeeper and veterinary nurse/writer from New Zealand who ran away from “home” in 2015 to live in Sumatra. My love story with Sumatra started back in 2009, when my zoo work took me deep into the jungle in South Sumatra to work with rehabilitated orangutans.

After that, I found myself coming back year after year, visiting different areas and spending more and more time at the spots that truly felt like home.

When the call of Sumatra became too strong, I left my job as a primate keeper, sold everything, and jumped on a plane.

Since then I’ve managed a dog health program, helped conservation and animal welfare organisations, pitched in with local communities, and basically had the time of my life. I now survive as a freelance writer and editor. 

Carly Day - Co-founder of We are Sumatra

Agung's Story

I was born and raised in North Sumatra, in a small village called Titimangga, not far from the Gunung Leuser National Park. 


From when I was young, I loved animals and nature, and spent my time swimming in the river and exploring the jungle – in between school of course. 


I always knew I wanted a job that allowed me to spend my time in nature. As soon as I could, I moved to Tangkahan – an ecotourism village not far from my home – to learn how to be a jungle guide and ranger.

I taught myself English while working in a restaurant, and became a guide to take tourists on jungle treks into the National Park. 


Now, I love exploring Sumatra and sharing the incredible things we see with other people.

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